Bikaner City of Fort

It is important for tourists to know before heading to the city of Bikaner in the heart of the desert. The kingdom of Bikaner was founded in 15 century, when the brave son of Jodhaji Rao, the founder of Jodhpur, anger and provoked by his father, out of the building to establish his kingdom. The detailed history of Bikaner reveals that the establishment of the kingdom was foretold by the mystic Karni Mata. 1488 was the year that the town founder, Rao Bikaji walled city which was called the city of Bikaner.

Bikaner, India is one of the most popular desert state of Rajasthan. Geography of Bikaner reveals the topographic position of the region. The settlement developed outside the walled city. The vegetation of the region includes the growth of sparsely vegetated desert. With the construction of Ganga Canal, it was possible for people to engage in agricultural production of other crops in the green zone of Bikaner.

Bikaner is rich in culture and tradition and is one of the leaders of art and music of Rajasthan. Famous people of Bikaner are the great patrons of the arts and beautiful. The UTSA School of Art has its roots in the city of Bikaner, Rajasthan. Folk music of Bikaner is famous in the world. Fairs and festivals of the city, shows the rich cultural and traditional heritage of the city of Bikaner.  Bikaner is one of the best place in India Luxury Tours.